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Shine Bright Like A Zeta

2025 Z Retreat: Welcome

Adventure Awaits

Escape to serenity amidst the towering Redwoods and world-renowned vineyards of Napa Valley. As the sun sets, you can unwind at our seaside coastal lodge

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All The Details...

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Which area of California will we be traveling to?

San Francisco! SFO airport is approximately 20 minutes north of our lodging.

What's the vibe?

This Retreat will have more of a campy, intimate feel.

Where are we staying?

Our seaside lodge sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The location is perfect for biking, hiking, kayaking, surfing, swimming, and more! Nearly all beds are single bunks. Members can request a bunk-mate preference.

When will the exact lodging location be released?

Just like prior Retreat's, the exact lodging address will not be released until two weeks prior to the event for the safety and privacy of all our attending members.

What are the dates?

The 2025 Z Retreat will take place June 26th through the 29th.

How many members will be able to stay in the lodge?

18 Zeta's and one special guest. If there's a high level of interest, not to worry! We have the ability to add on the other lodge next door. We will not be offering Off-Site for this event.

When does RSVP open, and how will it work?

There will be two RSVP windows:

Window One on Sept 30th: Open to IC members, 2024 Zeta House attendees, and Elite members. A private link will be emailed directly to each person that qualifies for W1.

Window Two on Oct 1st: All members will have the opportunity to snag a spot in the lodge.

Disclosures: Off-Site will not be offered for this event. Members must be 21+ to participate. Only one transaction is allowed per Zeta. If two are made, one will be refunded. If the W1 link is shared with a member that does not fit into one of the above categories, their booking will be refunded.

How much does each spot cost?

Each spot will be a total of $250. Deposits are non-refundable, so be sure you can attend before reserving.

Elite members can RSVP at a rate of: ___

Members that initially reserve a spot and drop out within eight weeks of the event will not be permitted to attend the 2026 or 2027 Z Retreat's, nor will they receive a refund.

What activities will we be doing?

Attendees will immerse themselves in the beauty of northern California by taking a group trip to Big Basin Redwoods State Park, San Fransisco exploring, and a Formal event in Napa Valley.

How will transportation work?

Zeta's will be transported together for all three excursions listed above. Uber will also be available.

What is the climate like during that time of year?

Reportedly, the average high is 70F and the average low temperature is 53F. You can expect mostly sunny days with a cool breeze, and foggy mornings.

California is known for wildfire's during the summer. In dire circumstances, for the safety of members, we will re-route somewhere safe.

Can we bring a plus one?

This Retreat is limited to Zeta's. No family, friends, husbands, wives, dogs, cats, co-workers, cousins twice-removed, etc.

2025 Z Retreat: FAQ
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