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About Us

Our History

In Summer 2019, the idea of the Zeta Mu Phi sisterhood was born from the ashes at The Pennsylvania State University. Looking at sororities throughout the world, some of the strongest women were missing: non-traditional students. Those that have overcome obstacles within their lives in order to continue their education. Whether it be mothers, full-time workers or even those that have gone back to get their degree years later… Zeta was designed as a welcoming and supportive environment that will give every dynamic of a typical sorority while giving you the freedom to work your busy schedule.

Our first chapter was officially adopted in 2020 and has been expanding immensely ever since due to popular demand.

In 2021, the organization outgrew its roots and became a full blown 501(c)7 non-profit organization to be operated by a fully internal female Board of Directors, otherwise known as our International Council.

Three sororities have broken off of ours and copied portions of our business model: Delta Gamma Chi, Beta Omega Kappa, and Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma.


To help lead the new generation of women with equality, support and acceptance through numerous avenues including giving back to our communities and Illuminate, encouraging diversity, ensuring educational developments, exemplifying excellence, providing support and appreciating sisterhood with the utmost loyalty and respect.


Zeta Mu Phi donates annually to our very own philanthropy, Illuminate, established in 2023. It assists in the fight against trafficking and abuse on a local level.

Each November, our chapter's participate in Philanthropy Month and raise over $1,000 each. In the past, we've also donated to numerous charitable causes including Black Lives Matter, CASA, local school districts, and more.


Z Rising is produced by our CEO and released the beginning of every month.


Colors: Turquoise & White, representing wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope

Jewel: Peridot representing strength

Flower: The Peony represents prosperity and honor


The phoenix represents rebirth and immortality, as well as new beginnings.


Zeta Mu Phi was established and operates out of Peoria, Illinois. The majority of our team works remotely across the globe. 


Our crest was creatively designed by Jennifer Lappe, Jona Kay and Lisa Mitten; with full graphic work produced by Lisa Mitten.

Zeta Toast

"Like the phoenix,

We rise again

To gather and celebrate,

With Zeta's and friends"

Zeta Cocktail

1 dash Sour mix
1 oz Curacao, Blue
1 1/2 oz Tequila
1/2 oz Triple sec

1 dash of edible glitter

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